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Peligro de ensuciamiento del molde de inyección y método de limpieza

The product yield rate is the life of the injection molding enterprise. However, with the long-term operation of the equipment, various dirt condenses on the mold core surface and the mold cooling water path, which not only damages the service life of the mold, but also makes the product yield rate difficult to protect. It has a huge impact on production.
High-Precised CNC mold components
Thorough cleaning of stencils and molds is the key to maximizing mold life, improving mold reliability, and ensuring product quality and yield.
What are the dirt of the mold?
The dirt of the mold mainly exists on the surface of the core and the cooling water path of the mold.
(1) Dirt on the surface of the core: gas / sulfide / glue, oil and rust
(2) Mold cooling waterway: scale, rust, mud
How does the mold dirt form?
The surface of the core is formed by dirt:
Gas, sulfide, glue, etc.
During the injection process of the plastic raw material, the gas generated by the high temperature and high pressure in the cavity, together with the instantaneous exhaust volume of the exhaust groove, can not keep up with the exhaust gas, sulfide, glue and other dirt on the surface of the core.
Oil stain
The thimble oil, high temperature oil applied to the core thimble, the slider, the row position, the rust preventive agent is sprayed, the cleaning agent is not completely evaporated, and the cleaning is not cleaned or migrated to the surface of the core, thereby contaminating the surface of the core.
The use of mold, water in the storage process, environmental humidity and other external conditions, resulting in the mold is oxidized, resulting in rust spots.
Mold cooling waterway
The external open-type water tower circulating water is in the mold pipeline, and after frequent use of cold and heat for a long time, scale, rust and sediment are generated.
Common cleaning method for mold dirt
Manual cleaning
Laser cleaning
Dry ice cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning
Electrolytic cleaning
The above is a common mold dirt cleaning method. For used machines to be cleaned frequently, thoroughly cleaning the template and mold is an effective way to maximize the life of the mold and improve the reliability of the mold.

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